We work towards a zero-waste goal by helping companies repossess packaging and the end-of-life products.

We bring citizens, waste managers and companies together in a single digital platform that closes a loop between the involved parties.

Environmental impact

In the last decades environmental pollution is constantly increasing. Environmental protection is one of our major goals, as it directly involves your future.


Increase of waste generated in the EU

Source eurostat

The amount of waste production exceeded 217 million tons.


Recycling target for municipal waste

Source eu commission

EU wants to reach this target by 2030.


The recycling of plastics

Source eu commission

Not all plastics packaging can be recycled. We save plastics from plastics.

How we improve the environment together

The App allows citizens to order on demand the collection of domestic waste in a few steps from the comfort of their home.


Let's find the totems around your city! You will find out how much good your city is doing to the environment and the statistics of CO2 emissions avoided.


You will get points for every order picked up and you will be able to choose a reward from the Togenesis store.

Visit store.togenesis.eu
testing phase in Sweden

Hej super citizen

We are testing the Togenesis App in Sweden to estimate the impact it has on the environment. Download the Togenesis App to improve the environment together!


People engaged

In the circular economy by Togenesis.


Total requests

The total amount of how much you recyclied.

2600 KG

CO2 emissions avoided

Thanks to the synergistic work of citizens and companies.

For companies and waste managers

A digital platform for zero waste

Are you a company that wants to collect end-of-life products and packaging? Are you an environmental manager that wants to improve your collection operations and save resources? Get in touch with us! We will work hand in hand to achieve your sustainability goals.

togenesis world
in one year

+ 40% of the withdrawals made

+90% of withdrawal requests

-20% of the time spent organizing driver exits

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